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Latest Release - JGDSBrowser 1.0.1

Here you can find the latest release of JGDSBrowser. All releases include the source code tree, the compiled source, api documentation, build scripts and unit tests. The releases are available for in both zip and tar formats to facilitate downloads for both UNIX and Windows(tm) users. It should be noted however JGDSBrowser is a 100% pure java API and is platform independant.
UNIX downloadJGDSBROWSER-1.0.1.tar.gz

Required APIs

The executable JGDSBrowser jarfile that is contained in the download, is self contained and contains all the API Library dependencies required to run the application. The links below are provided if anyone wants access to the source code. See the user guide for more information.

JGDSBrowser Requires the Java Backus Naur Test API, Java GDSII API and the Java Basic Application framework API. The latest releases may be downloaded from:

Java Backus Naur Test API
Java Basic Application Framework API

Previous releases

You may find previous releases of JGDSBrowser at sourceforge.

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